Welcome to Notaplassen harbor and camping

Notaplassen Hamnelag runs today a harbor which is situated at the end of the Syvdefjord, surrounded by majestic mountains on each side. The harbor has several guest berths and consists of two floating pontoons of 57 meters. The total capacity is 65 boats.
The coordinates of the harbor is 62.08775 E 005.72987

Notaplassen Hamnelag also runs a land area for caravans and camper vans close to the harbor. The area has a capacity of 14 caravans/camper vans. Both boat guests and camper guest have free entrance to the toilet and shower in the service building located in the middle of the harbor area. The service building is facilitated for people with reduced mobility.

Lease of guest harbor

For guests, there are approximately 80 meters of pier available

Description Price
Boats up to 42ft, included shore-power and water 100 NOK/day
Boats above 42ft, included shore-power and water 150 NOK/day

Slipway, 150 NOK per use for non-members. Cash payment put into box by the first pier, or transferred to bank account number 3910.30.81681

Should you be interested in buying a slip, please contact:

Gunnar Eikrem or Jan Eikrem

by phone: 959 18 905/ 951 69 699
by e-mail to: joeikrem@hotmail.com


Camper vans, caravans and tents allowed. Per day: 150 kr without electricity or 200 kr with electricity. Put the payment in the postbox which is attached inside of the toilet building.

For access to the WC send a text message to +47 959 18 905 or +47 995 44 327 marked with ”kode WC”. You´ll then get the code to the key box (attached on the outer wall).

Nearby experiences

With the high mountains that some places go straight to the sea, and as the only village in Vanylven with peaks over 1000 meters, Syvde is a uniqe place for sporty people. There are of course other activities for you to attend if this is not what you seek. The fact that Syvde is situated in the middle of Vanylven in short distances to the other villages, makes it easy for excursions in any direction. Below you can see some of the experiences you can easily reach from the Notaplassen pier/harbour.


The well known and very popular visiting farm is absolutely worth a visit when you are in the area. On Hakallegarden you can really experience life in the countryside and witness animals of many different kinds. Should you be tired of stroking alpakkas, riding horses or driving Gråtass (an old tractor), you can enjoy a good meal and a spectacular view in the cosy cafe on the farm. For more information see: Hakallegarden.no

Mountain and outdoor life


Notaplassen hamn with surrounding peaks on any side is a good starting point for walking in the mountains. If you just want a quiet walk in the woods or in the valleys or you want to have a nice trip to the many high mountains in Vanylven, then Syvde is the right place. There are lots of marked routes of different difficulties, which make it possible for anyone to enjoy nature.

For the most vigorous ones it can be a challenge to climb all the five 1000 meters peaks in the Syvde mountains in one day: Høgenipa (1097 amsl), Myrkevasstinden (1131 amsl), Sandfjelltua (1002 amsl) , Blæja (1142 amsl) and Lisjeblæja (1032 amsl). But it is absolutely possible, and some people have done it. If you are a real competitor, you can try to compete in the uphillrace “Blåfelden rett opp” (Blåfelden straight up). With a length of 4,38 km and the highest point of 842 metres above sea level, you have to be in real good shape to complete. Can you beat Øyvind Hellberg Sundby`s record on 35.48 minutes?


Wild trout and salmon fishing in Syvde

If you are interested in fishing you can either fish in the salty fjord or in the roaring salmon river. Fishing in the fjord is free and can be done the whole year around. An alternative to fishing in the fjord is fishing in the salmon river in close proximity to the harbor/camping area. Fishing in the river requires a fishing license that can be bought by contacting Dagrun Molvik + 47 482 67 409, but in return you will get the opportunity to catch 2-6 kilograms big salmons. Fishing in the salmon river is only allowed from the 15th of June until the 31st of July.


A local tip is to follow the mountain road to "Ripsdalssætra" (marked with read at the aerial view below). From the harbor/camping area the trip takes approximately 10 minutes by car or 1 hour by foot. The road has a very high standard and you can easily drive there with a camper van. At "Ripsdalssætra" you will find a lake where you can fish mountain trout (sixe 100-400 gram) without a fishing license!


Every year, the first week of June, a group of volunteers arrange a weekend with a variety of activities for both elderly and young people. One of the main events this weekend is the uphillrace “Blåfelden rett opp”. With a total length of 4,38 km and the highest point 842 meters above the sea is this a race that even the fittest will feel hard. Through the years well-known persons such as Oddbjørn Hjelmeset, Simen Østensen, Anders Aukland and Thomas Alsgaard have participated. For more information about the race see syvdeil.no or motbakke.com.

There are of course other activities and seeworthy arrangements this weekend. Art and culture are also very important. Music, stand-up, free breakfast, concert in the church, artexebition and a dancing on Saturday evening, are every year important events during this weekend.

Utsikten Fjellkro

If you want to enjoy a good meal at a reasonable price where you at the same time can enjoy a fabulous view of beautiful and magnificent nature, then this is the place to visit. The restaurant is open every Sunday from 12-18 from the end of June to “the end of summer”. It offers a la carte meny and has licence to sell alcohol. To come to Utsikten Fjellkro follow the sign to Sørdalen from the centre of Syvde. When you come to the end of Sørdalen, drive the mountainroad to Øverberg and there you can`t miss it.

Tip Thaimat Take Away

At "Tip Thaimat" you can buy delicious Thai food as take away. Thai Wok, Pad Prik Pao or spring rolls? The menu offers a wide variety of Thai food: Tip Thaimat

The address is: Syvdefjordvegen 56, 6140 Syvde. Order by Facebook or by phone + 47 971 97 902.

Local produced eggs for breakfast?

In the outskirts of Syvde city centre you can find a small and charming self-service shop selling local produced eggs. The address is "Syvdefjordvegen 574" and the trip there from the camping site is perfect as a morning stroll before breakfast.

local food

Bicycle routes in Syvde

Syvde offers many great cycle routes, both along paved roads and in wild forest paths. Below you can find a selection of routes with different difficulty. All routes are starting and ending at "Notaplassen hamn og camping". Notice that there exist a number of other cycling routes in Syvde, in addition to those mentioned below. In Syvde it is only your imagination that stops you when it comes to finding exciting cycling routes!


Route nr.1 (green)

  • Length round trip: 14 km.
  • Bicycle type: road bicycle or hybrid bicycle.
  • Difficulty: easy.
  • Description: The routes goes on paved road. After an easy climb the first 1,5 kilometers the road flattens out for 2 kilometers before the last kilometers goes moderate upwards. The route`s ending point is "Sørdalen" (marked in the map), where the road changes from asphalt to gravel.
  • Tip for the active bicycler: route nr. 1 can easily be combined with route nr. 4 to "Øverberg". Notice that route nr. 4 is not suitable for road bicycles.

Route nr.2 (green/black)

  • Length round trip: about 8,5 km.
  • Bicycle type: mountain bicycle.
  • Difficulty: difficult.
  • Description: the first 2 kilometers the routes goes via the green route and on paved road the. After this you have to turn left and leave the paved road for the benefit of a steep gravel road. From here on it goes straight up for about 2,5 kilometers before 4 kilometers with a rolling downhill is waiting for you. This route offers a combination of a tough climb and a challenging downhill.

Route nr.3 (green/red)

  • Length round trip: about 8 km.
  • Bicycle type: mountain bicycle or hybrid bicycle.
  • Difficulty : medium.
  • Description: the route goes via the green route the first kilometer. After leaving the paved road and entering the gravel road a 3 kilometers long climb starts. The climb is tough, but after 3 kilometers you will arrive at a beautiful mountain dairy called "Sætra" (marked in the map).
  • Tip for the active bicycler: after catching your breath and finishing enjoying the view at "Sætra" you continue on to where the gravel road ends (about 2,8 kilometers). This leg is ended with a really tough climb. This extra leg increases the route´s lengt to 14 kilometers.

Route nr.4 (green/black)

  • Length round trip: about 18 km.
  • Bicycle type: mountain bicycle or hybrid bicycle.
  • Difficulty: difficult.
  • Description: the routes follows the green route. After having arrived "Sørdalen" you must leave the paved road and enter the gravel road. From here on it goes straight up for 2 kilometers to the top called "Øverberg" (marked in the map). This route offers an airy trip and the gravel road is by many compared with the more famous Norwegian road called "Trollstigen".


Only a 5 minutes drive away from Syvde (direction Eidså) you can find one of Norway`s most beautiful 6 hole golf courses called "Vanylven golf club". You can find more information here (only in Norwegian): Vanylven Golfclub


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